Stop Bluebird Crew Close In On The Mystery Of Bluebird

What are these? Balloons? Looks serious.

The Stop Bluebird crew are starting to close in on the mystery of Bluebird. Nearly all the folders that Kyle took from the Bluebird intranet have now been unlocked, but it's far from over.

laughing_man was the first to break a major password on Harrison Wyld’s folder, exposing secret meetings between Harrison Wyld and Paul Kruger, personal emails and encoded images and audio. Ahli, Klogg, Zzed, Vociferocity, girlwhoruled, bogen, jackinthebox, Miyuki-chan and many others have also been working on the remaining passwords. Everyone's trying to figure out where, when and how Paul and Harrison intend to launch Bluebird.

There is strong campaigning on both sides - Stop or Go Bluebird - but both sides still need more support! Follow the story on Twitter (#bluebird, #bluebirdDC, #stopbluebird, #gobluebird) or get in on the action at and help reveal the mystery of Bluebird before it’s too late...


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