Stabilise Your Furniture With A Floppy Disk

In the era of USB keys, floppy disks might seem mostly useful for whacky craft projects. But they've still got one potentially useful new application: helping keep wonky furniture stable.

That obvious-once-you've-thought-of-it suggestion comes courtesy of BBC News, which asked its readers for explanations of why floppy disks continue to sell (a train of thought inspired by Sony's recent exit from the market). Most of the explanations fell into either the old-device-uses-it-for-storage or I-make-cool-stuff-from-it categories, but then there's the problem of how to stop your fridge or shelf from rocking:

I have a stack of old 3.5" floppies I keep in a box. They work perfectly for adjusting a bookshelf or the like set up on carpet. If the bookshelf tilts, I just slide floppies under the appropriate corners until it's upright.

Sure, you can use part of a cardboard box for the same purpose, but the floppy disk is waterproof, and has greater geek cred. The other suggestion on the same list that stands out is using a floppy to scrape frost from your windscreen.

40 ways we still use floppy disks [BBC News]


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