Squeeze Those Potatoes With A Bowl For Better Hash Browns

I'm as capable of being tempted by a Maccas breakfast as the next person, but rustling up your own hash browns gives you a chance to experiment with fillings and flavours. Get better results by making sure you've dried your grated potato properly.

The Coles Online blog runs through a step-by-step hash brown recipe which makes the process sound fairly easy. The most useful tip? Use a bowl to ensure the grated potato is dry:

One of the key steps is to squeeze all the juice out of the grated potatoes. You don’t want to pulverize them, otherwise they’ll be all flat and not give that fluffy contrast in the middle to the crisp outside after cooking. Keep the mortar and pestle on the shelf for this one. I just used the back of a small bowl, and squeezed as much juice as I could. If there is too much juice in the potatoes, you’ll find they won’t stick together when in the pan.

Got your own hot breakfast tips? Share them in the comments.

Fast Food at Home: Drive Through Breakfast [Coles Online]


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