Skype Updates iPhone App, Offers Free 3G Calls

Skype Updates iPhone App, Offers Free 3G Calls

Skype has offered an iPhone client for quite a while, but with one big restriction: you could only make calls over a Wi-Fi connection. That changes with the latest version, which lets you make calls to other Skype users, or using your Skype credit, over a 3G connection.

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to do that if your iPhone plan doesn’t have a healthy offering of data. It’s also worth noting that while the software will initially let you make Skype-to-Skype calls for free over 3G, that won’t be the case long term; at the end of 2010, Skype will announce rates for those calls, alongside the existing rates for calling conventional phones. (Calling Skype-to-Skype over Wi-Fi won’t be charged, according to the company.)

The new version runs on all iPhone models, and iPod Touch models from the second generation onwards. You can also run it on an iPad, though not to make 3G calls — it’s largely a manage your contacts and send instant messages option on that platform. Outside the Apple world, Skype runs on various Nokia phones, as well as coming pre-installed on a number of phones.

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  • I’m still not sure why Skype has decided to charge for 3G calls.. consumers will be using they’re providers data, not Skypes and the codec that 3G uses is quite lean so there wouldn’t be much more impact on server load.

    I guess it’s a good opportunity for them to make some money!

  • Yeah. The other side of it is the extra cost may stop users using the service, which from the Telco’s point of view is a good thing (especially in the US where the only iPhone provider has an aging and under powered network).

    It may not just be a money grab by Skype.

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