Skype Monthly Subscriptions Offer New Options For Paid Calls

Skype is a great way of making free calls if your recipient also has Skype, and also a pretty cheap way of making calls to landlines and mobiles from your computer. Skype has revised its payment plans for calls, offering new ways of paying for calls depending on your calling patterns.

While you can still store up Skype credit in the traditional fashion to spend as you see fit on calls to anywhere, there's also options to purchase country-specific subscriptions on a month-by-month basis. The pricing depends on whether you want to call both landlines and mobiles, and whether you want a fixed number of minutes or an unlimited call. For the United Kingdom, for instance, 60 minutes of calls a month to landlines costs $1.49 a month; unlimited calls to landlines costs $7.99 a month; 120 minutes of calls to either landlines or mobiles cost $29.99. There's also 'Unlimited Europe' and 'Unlimited World' packages if you want a wider range of countries.

If you only regularly call a handful of numbers overseas (and those numbers are landlines), this would be a cheap way of going about it. Spotted a particularly good deal (or poor choice) in the myriad of options Skype offers? Tell us in the comments.

Skype Subscriptions


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