Shipping Date For New iPad Orders Slips Again

Looks like Apple has sold a lot more iPads — the delivery date for new pre-orders on its store now simply says "June" with no date specified, having already moved to June 7 soon after orders opened. If you haven't already pre-ordered, you could try your luck at an Apple store Friday, but I wouldn't expect much stock.


    i was lazy and didn't even think about pre-ordering. my only option is buying in store (taking friday off).

    any hints on bettering my chances of getting one on friday? (apart from the early line-up)

    can anyone confirm JB hifi stocking the ipads? are there any other resellers in the brisbane area?

      I would recommend taking a decoy iPad look alike with you, so that when the doors open you can throw it to the ground and take the place of all those who break the line to scuttle after it.

      With JB HIFI, I would reckon that it would depend store by store. I don't believe my local will get any, but others claim their's will. Best chance is to ask at the actual store, then you might even get so lucky as to be able to pre-order from the store itself.

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