Red Walls And Dramatic Lighting: An Inexpensive Office Makeover

How much does it cost to turn an unfinished storage room into an awesome home office? Surprisingly little if you've got an eye for detail and a handy streak.

Lifehacker reader Richard Valdez remodeled his office from an empty storage room into a great home office with rich colours, ample work space, plants and fantastic lighting. Our favourite feature by far is the subtle but creative use of a curved ceiling light as a dramatic and eye catching wall-mounted light fixture. Read on to learn more about his office and check out the pictures in the gallery below.

My home office was remodeled from what was formerly an unfinished storage room. The layout was planned using Google Sketchup. I wanted to have two work stations, but had trouble fitting two normal size desks due to size and shape of the room. Using the Sketchup software, I was able to plan a layout that accommodated the two desired work stations by using two end-to-end wooden doors - ample room was left over for filing cabinets and my large format plotter. The first file in the Flickr set is a video/animation created in Sketchup.

Out of pocket expenses totalled approximately $US750 (flooring, wall texture, light fixture, paint and trim). I already owned office furniture and equipment.

Equipment and software used to enhance productivity include:

- Two PC work stations

- One Printer/One copy machine

- One Large Format plotter

- iPhone 3G

- Dymo labeler

- Fujitsu Snapscan Scanner

- Moleskin notebook

- Index Card To-Do List

- Dropbox

- Evernote

- Pogoplug

- Mind42 (Mind Mapping)

While $US750 might now fall into the "inexpensive" category for everyone it's an outright steal in terms of turning an unfinished room into a polished office like Richard's. We'd certainly hire him to get such an eye catching office for under a grand.

Red Walls and Dramatic Lighting [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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