Quickflix Launches iPhone App, Mobile Site

DVD-by-mail service Quickflix is making it easier to manage movie planning for its subscribers, launching an iPhone app and a mobile-optimised site to let customers organise and add new movies to their queue of releases.

Both versions include the ability for subscribers to add and remove movies from the forthcoming delivery queue, while the iPhone app also includes a "favourites" feature to mark movies you'd like to rent again. (Though if you want to watch a movie multiple times, hunting down your own copy seems sensible.)

While we're sure iPhone lovers enjoy all the attention, it's pleasing to see that Quickflix hasn't assumed that its mobile phone strategy begins and ends with Apple's device. There's still far more mobile phones out there which aren't iPhones, and it amazes us that more companies don't recognise that developing an iPhone-only app isn't always the only way to go about it.

Quickflix iPhone

Quickflix Mobile


    I tried it out the other day and wasn't too impressed. Images rarely loaded so I couldn't see the movies available and my queue list never appeared on the iPhone app. I'm not sure if the server just happened to be having a slow day that day because it is getting some terrific reviews on the app store. I might have to try it again later because it is something I would like to have working properly.

    DVD by mail? That is soooo 90's! Surely you must know that your business is doomed with the advent of download-able movies. Counting down the days.....

      Actually, they have well-developed plans to implement a streaming service, but have stated they won't do so until they are sure there is sufficient demand and adequate broadband speeds.

      Probably for the same reasons, nobody is making this work yet in Australia.

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