Print The Contents Of Any Folder In Windows 7

Need a listing of everything you've got in a Windows folder? You could grab screenshots, but that's a pain when there are lots of files. A quick command-line trick gives you an easily printable directory of contents.

The Online Tech Tips help blog points out a command line trick that makes Windows dump the contents of any folder into a text file of your choosing. If you're handy with a command line, all you need to do is launch the command prompt as an administrator, navigate to the folder/directory you want a file listing of, then enter this command:

dir> contents.txt

The results is a contents.txt file in that directory with your print-friendly listing. You can name it whatever you'd like, of course. If you need a little more help launching your terminal and getting to where you're going, hit the link for the full instructions, or check out our earlier Lifehacker 101 post on a similar theme.

Print the Contents of Any Windows 7 Folder [Online Tech Tips]


    An old freeware app I have, File Grab (1997), works out of the box in Win7. Drag and drop and then save/print.

    This works with any version of Windows

    Best feature I've found so far is the "Show Preview Pane". Its up top left next to the help button. It shows a preview for the file selected, whether it be a photo, a movie (Built with complete win11 functions), coding, pdf (which you can scroll through), music and a couple of other awesome types. Some third-party things like adobe works seemlessly.

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