Pick Out And Set Up A Network-Attached Storage Box

Network-attached storage, or NAS, is a smart way to share storage space on your home network without having to devote a whole computer to it. Gizmodo's latest How-To guide explains how to buy, set up, and start streaming media or backing up.

Gizmodo's guide details the different things you can do with a good NAS setup, including access to files from anywhere in the world, serving as a remote Time Machine or other backup software drop spot, streaming video and music to any computer in the house, and offering really crash-proof, RAID-based backup. You could, if you wanted, put an older computer into service as a NAS device, but there are plenty of dedicated NAS boxes out there, too, and some are suggested by Gizmodo's testers.

How To Get the Most Out Of Your NAS [Gizmodo]


    I have not read any other comments, but Generally I have found that NAS boxes cost the same or more then a PC Box you can build yourself. With the Right software you can also do much more with your own box too.

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