Ovi Maps Lets You Add Your Own Voice For Directions

Back in January, we told you how you could add your own voice to a Garmin GPS. Now there's a similar option for Nokia users running the Ovi Maps application, via its Own Voice application.

There's 53 separate commands to record, so it's not necessarily a process to be done in a rush, but it is a potentially interesting way to customise your GPS, or indulge your fetish for silly voices. The application also lets you upload your voice recordings to be shared with others, and promises some celebrity voices in the near future (racing drivers Jamie Whincup and Craig Lowndes are apparently already on the list).

Own Voice is a free download for Nokia phones. If you give it a spin (we haven't got an Ovi-enabled phone at Lifehacker AU HQ right now), tell us how well it went in the comments.

Own Voice for Ovi Maps


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