Overclock And Seriously Amplify A Linksys Wi-Fi Router

The WRT54GL is a hacker's dream Wi-Fi router, capable of running third-party firmware and upping its signal power internally. A brave Instructables user shows how to go whole-hog on the blue box — extended antennas, fan-cooled overclocking and the DD-WRT interface.

Instructable author NostalgicStone offers plenty of warnings before jumping into the details of his hack, and for good reason: it's not the safest way to run a Wi-Fi router. It's also not a pretty sight to have a PC fan running on top of a router, if you have to keep it in plain view. With all that said, this total upgrade is really appealing to those of us who lack Wi-Fi in particular corners of the house, and don't have to worry about how pretty the router looks.

Hit the link for the full read-through and results testimonial, and share any similar router upgrades you've seen (or pulled off yourself) in the comments.

Unleash the Power of Your Router! [Instructables]


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