Office 2010 Trial Extender Activates Office 2010 For Up To 180 Days

Windows: If you're running out of time on your Office 2010 trial but want to squeeze all the functionality out of it that you can, free utility Trial Extender will rearm it for you, no command line work required.

Like most Microsoft products, there is a rearm function built-in to extend your trial period an extra 30 days. We've shown you how to do this with Windows 7, and while similar functionality is available for Office 2010, you can bypass the command line work by downloading this free utility. All you need to do is launch it the day before your trial expires (if you want to get as many days as possible out of it) and hit the "rearm" button. You can do this a total of five times, giving you up to 180 days of completely free, full-featured Microsoft Office.

Office 2010 Trial Extender is a free download for Windows systems.

Office 2010 Trial Extender [via Ghacks]


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