New Lights And Hanging Routers: A Simple Office Makeover

Not every workspace makeover has to involve hand carving a desk. Today's featured workspace highlights cheap fixes for common office problems.

Lifehacker read Drjson cleaned up his office and used a variety of tips from Lifehacker in the process. He writes:

Tidied up the cable with some tips via Lifehacker. Added rope lights for better ambient light. Used some can lights I wasn't using with low power bulb behind the monitor. These are controlled by a wireless switch that I used in a previous project.

DIY Cable management using a coat rack and some hardware. (8-32 6" threaded rods with cap nuts for both ends. I bought washers but I grabbed the wrong size). Drilled through the desk and ran the rod through. The IKEA version is cheaper, but sometimes you have to make do.

I had these closet shelfs, which can be had at Target, for some time. I usually used them as a quick shelf that allowed better airflow for my router which likes to die. I just used some cable fasteners to hang it. This was a freebie since I had all the parts laying around. I need to redo the cabling a bit, but I just loop through the squares to keep the cords in place.

The last tip is one of my favourites. I have half a dozen or so of the wire closet shelves seen in the photo above, and it never once occurred to me to attach them to the bottom of anything as a sturdy and well-ventilated rack. Great idea!

New Lights and Hanging Routers: A Simple Office Makeover [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    Did this on the weekend. So much space under the desk now! Oh, and made the wife happy too!

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