Make Bacon Fruit Cups For The Ultimate Sweet And Savoury Mix

We've already learned that bacon makes all food better, but this dish is bacon-infused and clever. If chocolate-covered bacon is too much of a stretch for you, try the less intense sweet and savoury combination of fruit cups made out of bacon.

These little cups of heaven contain a nice mix of mango, avocado and homemade aioli, along with a few other things (like basil, onion, and various sugars) to taste. Of course, if you wanted to, you could substitute any fruit you wanted. You'll also need some bacon, preferably longer pieces to make the shaping of the bowls easier. You form the cups with an upside down muffin tin, wrapping the bacon around the cups, and putting together the fruit fixings while they bake and harden their shape. Not only is it a great combination of sweet and savoury, but the process involves our other favourite combination — food and clever uses for items we already have lying around the house. Hit the link for the full instructions, and let us know your favourite fruit and bacon combinations in the comments.

Bacon Fruit Cups [Instructables]


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