Looks Like Yet Another Delay For iPad In Australia

It's already been delayed twice, so will another week really matter? Apple's online store is now showing a shipment date of June 7 for the iPad, despite Apple only announcing last week that the device would be available from May 28.

Renai LeMay at Delimiter notes the delay, though it's not yet clear whether that means that customers who have already ordered will get their shipment on the original date, while later buyers have to wait, or if everyone will be affected. Massive sales in the US have seen the international launch of the iPad held back. This week has seen Telstra and Optus release iPad data plans, but we're still waiting on similar details from Vodafone. UPDATE: Nick at Gizmodo (who actually had this story ahead of Delimiter, though we didn't notice at the time — bad Lifehacker!) says existing orders won't be affected, and Apple have since confirmed that.

iPad ship date slips to June 7? [Delimiter]


    Nick on Gizmodo is saying nothing has changed for pre-orders already submitted.


    My order still states delivery on the 28th. Must be just new orders.

    rather than doing the work of a proper journalist and checking to see if indeed the shipping delay affects everyone, including pre-purchasers, you imply that all orders are now delayed until 7 june.
    great work...

      Nice one sol, thanks for making us Apple fans look like even bigger dicks. I hope your ipad gets lost in the mail.

        The only one here making apple fans looks like dicks is you.

    Of course, this says nothing about those people who want to buy it from a retail store on the day. What I want to know is whether stores will actually have any or not.

    My account shows IPAD to be delivered by 28th May, perhaps indicating that preorders have exceeded the estimates!

      Sorry that should read as that more the expected pre orders may have resulted in the delivery being delayed!

    Are you still grinding that Apple axe Angus?

    People that ordered with the May 28 date will get it on May 28. Simple. You just can't accept it that the device is selling so well that all of the pre-order quota has been taken up can you? Now all new orders won't be guaranteed until June 7th.

    Is that clear? The date didn't slip, they just sold out. There's a strong demand. If your late ordering, you just slip to later in the queue.

    I think it is becoming clear that you are not a journalist, you don't do research, you just copy news stories or read them badly and comment. Either that or you're even worse, a biased or paid off journalist with an axe to grind.

      I'll ignore the insults and just point out that I've been a journalist since 1994.

        Yes, I was a bit too insulting, I apologise, I shouldn't have gone that far. I wasn't knocking your abilities as its clear you know how to write or present an issue. But I've been annoyed at some headlines lately that suck me in to an article only to find that things weren't as they seemed.

        And you particularly seem to have an issue with Apple. Which in my mind is a bias.

        I know that they're a pig of a company on a lot of issues. I'm not interested in their practices, I don't care for office politics or reality TV either. What I care about is what is avaliable as a service or a product.

        I don't wan't to know about which product is winning the sales race or which stock value is climbing or tanking; that should be kept to the business sites. A tech site shouldn't care about those things as that shows fanboism. Although at this point, I should say that Lifehacker is probably one of the least fanboish sites on the web, which is why I often frequent it.

        I guess what I'm asking is that you leave your obvious dislikes in the drawer and just present facts. Please.

        Disclaimer: I do own some Apple products and enjoy the ones I have. But I own more NON Apple products, than the other way around. I am and have been a Windows developer since the mid 80's. Meaning, I'm not a fanboi, I just like good toys and like to learn about them.

        Again, apologise for my harsh attack.

          No worries, apologies accepted. And I will keep an eye on the tone in the Apple coverage here (there's bound to be a fair bit of it in the next few weeks!)

    Far out! Cant we all act like civilised people and just calm down!


    Apple say's 28th of may. Things like this change all of the time. Nobody is perfect and human error's are common.

    Sorry,i must correct myself! If you cruise on over to the Order page;


    It says June 7th! So Angus was right all along! (Never doubted you for a second :P )

    Weekend at Bernies??

    ...would be a ruff party!

      Apart from being a developer, which is really now more of a side business. I actually own a winery and a good place for a party.

    Nawwwww, group hug? :)

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