Living The High School High Life: Quad Monitors And Computing In Style

We certainly can't claim to have been this ambitious this early in our pursuit of the perfect workspace, today's featured workspace is the workstation of a Lifehacker-loving high school student.

Lifehacker reader Jason Rayne' writeup of his office is detailed enough—other Workspace Pool submitters take note!—that it doesn't need much in the way of segue. Read on to learn more about it:

After several years of working, saving, buying and repeating that process.. I've finally done it. I'm 17 at the time of this writing, and I'm happy to say that I've built this workspace from the ground up single-handedly. Aside from one monitor being a recent Christmas gift, every single item in these shots has been purchased with money I've earned myself from various projects, ranging from troubleshooting a neighbour's computer to tackling a massive design project for a large company.

The reason for so many monitors, is because, well, because I can. I've got a 2GB Radeon HD 4850 x2 driving 4 DVI ports, so why not make use of them? Aside from that, anyone who does graphic and motion design, as well as video editing, can tell you that you can never have enough screens for this line of work.

Whether I've got oodles of code pouring from screen to screen in Dreamweaver, or my latest motion graphic project spread out in After Effects, each and every screen always gets used to its fullest potential.

I do consider this setup to be decently ergonomic for its size, as all the monitors are on a curve, so I simply swivel towards whichever one needs my attention. No neck-strain is a good thing, eh?

I've got a small paper-holder off to the left side that you can't see in this shot, (see the next picture in this set) that holds whatever needed of it. Next to that are my stacks of blank optical media, notepads, etc.

I'm very proud of this workspace I've created, and I'm quite content to spend my days working away on whatever project I may have sunk my teeth into at the time.

To the naysayers who cry 'Overkill!" I simply reply.. "There is no such thing." ;]

We definitely can't leave this topic without some "Hey You Kids! Get Off My Lawn!" mumbling and nostalgia about how far computing has come. I'll start! When I was 17 my primary computer was a Pentium I with a single monitor and a cavernous 1.6GB HDD—now I'm not sure I'd even stop to pick up a 1GB flash drive off the street.

<a href="FLICKR ACCOUNT">Living the High School High Life: Quad Monitors and Computing in Style [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    Don't forget safe computer use! Take a 15 minute break every two hours - per monitor.

      Nice Job.

      I sure hope those monitors are energy efficient. Maybe turn the brightness down?

        I'm running triple-head and i jsut don't see why the brightness needs to BE so bright. Its turned down to 0 on the monitor, and down to 27 on my nvidia drivers. Its a beautifully rich colour regardless.

    No Wonder we have to now pay Carbon Offset credits.
    How much electricity do we waste on these power hungry machines and monitors?

    Anyone know where the chair can be bought from?

    kid needs to learn to save $$ and perhaps spend it on training or education. at such an early age, spending just because there is an opportunity / option on the graphics card is lame.... you got talent, u make money, well then pay off your education debts, help ur family, make it count... u can do whatever you do on multiple displays with one monitor and a software that creates multiple virtual displays ... google it kid, u gota brain, find it.

    there are softwares that create multiple desktops... perhaps u can even find that u can have upto 10 desktops

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