LiteSwitch X Makes Mac's Application Switcher Far More Useful

Mac: By itself, the Command-Tab Application Switcher can move back and forth between open programs. With LiteSwitch X installed, you can hide, close or force quit applications, drag files onto them for opening, and even include background applications in your switching.

If nothing else, give LiteSwitch a try for the ability to quit and hide applications from the Command-Tab menu—that alone saves you the trouble of mousing around, and you'd have to switch over anyways to close something down with a keyboard shortcut. The other functions are pretty neat in their own way, too, and you can see file opening and contextual menus working their way into a more advanced workflow with LiteSwitch at the core.

LiteSwitch is a free application while its 2.7 version is in its beta phase—there's not much more information available about what happens after this, though the full version will cost $US15 at some point. In the meantime, enjoy your better Application Switcher, and tell us how you use it in the comments.

LiteSwitch X [Site via One Thing Well]


    The tip regarding opening a new finder winder with the ALT key also works on Textedit to make a new document.

    Whilst this application looks very useful it is worth pointing out that the Command-Tab Application switcher can do more than move back and forth between applications out of the box.

    If you're moving between applications and continue to hold the Command key you can use the "q" key to quit the highlighted application and the "h" key to hide it.

      Having played with Jase's tip pressing '1' while holding command brings up an exposé style view of all the open windows of that application (on all desktops). You can then use the arrow keys to navigate amongst them.

    Thank you Jase, This will be very useful.
    Also thanks Simon, this will also be very useful!

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