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You wanted Google Maps tricks, you wanted to argue about dogs in bedrooms and you wanted local iPad prices. Kick off your Lifehacker Monday by making sure you didn't miss any of the biggest posts from last week:

  • Apple Sets Australian iPad Prices
    We’ve known for some while that Apple would allow Australian iPad advance orders from Monday May 10. Just ahead of that date, Apple has finally confirmed local prices and said the device will ship on May 28.
  • Top 10 Things You Didn't Know Google Maps Could Do There's more to Google Maps than a place you double-check your directions. Google's data-stuffed site offers a lot of helpful tools for vacationers, spreadsheet nerds, bikers and others. Today we're digging into Google's data-rich geo-tool and pulling out some helpful lesser-known features.
  • ErrMsg Tells You What That Windows Error Code Really Means (Windows) When something goes wrong in Windows, you may only receive an unintelligible error code and no explanation. Instead of sifting through Google results, portable utility ErrMsg will look up the code for you.
  • Which Banks Offer The Best Web Experience?
    It should be pretty easy to find out what’s on offer from any major bank from its web site, but do Australia’s big banks actually deliver? A new report from Forrester Research rates the user experience for Australian bank sites, and concludes that they’re actually all substandard.
  • How Much Battery Life Does Sleep Mode Really Drain? Every milliwatt of battery power is precious. That's why some shy away from fast-starting, but seemingly battery-draining, "Sleep" or "Suspend" modes on laptops. We measured the actual drain on MacBooks, Windows laptops and netbooks to determine when sleep makes sense over shutdown.
  • VirtualBox 3.2 Beta Virtualises Mac OS X (On Macs) (Windows/Mac/Linux) Free virtualisation tool VirtualBox, technically Oracle VM VirtualBox now, has quietly added "experimental support for Mac OS X guests" to a beta release. That's good news-at least for Mac owners, and those willing to dig into serious Hackintosh tweaks.
  • Don’t Worry About Letting Your Dog Sleep On Your Bed
  • If you’re a dog owner, there’s a good chance that you sometimes let your dog sleep on your own bed. There’s also a good chance that your non-dog-owning friends think that’s disgusting and unhealthy. Well, they’re wrong.

  • Five Best Password Managers As more of our work, play, and business is conducted online it becomes increasingly important to use a diverse set of strong passwords. This week we take a look at the five best password managers to keep your passwords organised.
  • Free Audio Editor Strips Audio From YouTube And Video Files (Windows) An update to Free Audio Editor doesn't change its simple mission, but the newest version is chock full of extra-helpful features. The application downloads YouTube videos, and then strips audio from those FLVs and other video files.
  • The Power User's Guide To The Windows 7 Taskbar It seems like every week we learn about a new tip to enhance the Windows 7 taskbar, and it's hard to keep them all straight. Here's the complete power user's guide to tweaking and using your taskbar like a pro.
  • Blink Logs In To Windows With Sunglasses-Proof Facial Recognition (Windows) Face recognition software Blink lets you log in to Windows through your webcam-enabled computer. It also grabs a shot of everyone who successfully logs in, by face or by keyboard, so you know who's been up to what.
  • How to Troubleshoot Your Friends' Computers From Far Away You're the computer whiz in your circle of friends and family, which means, inevitably, somebody is going to call for tech support. If you can't fix it in person, these are the best approaches we've found for troubleshooting from far away.
  • YoWindow Gives Animated Real Time Weather Reports (Windows) If you'd like more out of your weather reports than a simple sunshine icon and the high and low for the day, YoWindow gives you a real time and animated peek into today's weather and forecast.
  • Detect A Good Liar By Knowing Their Most Effective Tactics Breaking someone's poker face doesn't require a piercing look so much as knowing what makes some liars so effective. Pyschology Today details the most effective strategies of good liars.
  • Dropbox Releases Android Client, Announces API And BlackBerry App (Android) he folks at Dropbox have been busy lately, and tonight they're letting loose the results. A clever Android client is out of beta, a BlackBerry interface is on the way, and an API launch opens up an interesting app-storage-mashup future.
  • The Slimline Workspace: Hungarian Shelves and Hidden Cables We've featured wall-mounted desks before, but none of them have had this level of hand-crafted flair to them. Today's featured workspace is a beautiful hand-built wooden desk and bookshelf that blends seamlessly into the living room it's a part of.
  • SoundHound Is A Near Total Music App Replacement For iPhone (iPhone/iPod Touch) Once known as song identification app Midomi, SoundHound still identifies unknown songs, but also plays back your library, shows artist information and lyrics, and works in the background. For some, it might be better than the Music app itself.
  • Control Your Desktop PC With A Remote Using LIRC Walking to your computer to change a song or to skip to the next PowerPoint slide isn't ideal. Instead, use LIRC to control any application on your Linux or Windows PC with any infrared remote.
  • Dropbox Folder Sync Adds Any Folder To Dropbox With A Right-Click (Windows) There's a trick that syncs any file or folder to your Dropbox account, though it involves terminal commands that, if poorly executed, can cause some headaches. A small Windows app does the same syncing, with a right-click or manual folder picking.
  • Chrome Beta Updates With Faster Speeds, Preference Syncing (Windows/Mac/Linux) Chrome's pretty fast, even if you're not updating with its beta or development channels. Those who dig speed might now consider making the slightly-less-stable jump, though, as Google's pushing new, faster versions to its Windows, Mac, and Linux beta channels.


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