Knot An Earbud For Quick Left/Right Identification

You know how your keyboard has little nubs on the j/f keys so its easy to find the home row without looking down? Reader pojken suggests doing something similar for your ever-present earbuds.

By now you've mastered your favourite tangle-free, cord-wrapping technique, so consider this another small but helpful headphone upgrade:

I make a simple knot in the cord as close to the left earpiece as possible. When I pick up the earpiece to put it in my ear or take a quick look at my earphone, I immediately know if it's left or right.

(BTW, I put the knot on the left side because when I was in bed, I'd lay on the right side of my face and didn't want the knot to hit my cheek.)

If knotting your headphone cords makes you a little wary (kinks in cords can be problematic for longevity), you could also just wrap some tape around the bud or something else along those lines. Sure, most earbuds come with the R/L identifiers printed on (I just bought a new pair that didn't, incidentally), but keyboards come with letters printed on them, too. That doesn't mean you want to look down every time you plop down at your computer.


    1. insert headphones into ears.
    2. Oh it doesnt feel right
    3. Swap headphones.
    4. ????
    5. Profit!

    genius, im always staring at the small print on my headphones in the morning

    Never mind that tying small cabling in knots risks damaging the internal wiring, inevitably requiring you to replace your headphones.

    my headphones have a tiny little raised nub of plastic on the left one.

    I put a stroke of wipeout around the arm of my left bud. Only use the left bud at work and makes for super quick identification without damaging the phones.

    different length wires FTW.

    My canalphones aren't symmetrically-shaped anyway, so the shape of the left earpiece is mirror-image of the right. If I really wanted to I could work out which was which blindfolded - all without damaging the cord!


    However. it does suck. I prefer the Y arrangement.

    Sennies FTW too

    Isn't it about time LH and Giz stopped showing these types of entries. Often I see these how to's, that show all sorts of ways to damage your cables, don't get me wrong I love you guys to death, I couldn't get through my day without ya, but a little bit more common sense please guys....

    You'll shorten the life of your earphones doing that, as the knot will tighten gradually.
    My sennheissers aren't symmetrical so its pretty easy to get them in the right ear. Most earphones don't have cables of the same length, so it should be pretty easy to figure out which is longer and do it that way. If you care that much about it, I'd be using a paint pen to put a dot or a line on one of them.

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