Jalapeno Keyfinder Retrieves Lost Serial Numbers

Windows: Jalapeno Keyfinder retrieves serial numbers for a variety of programs on your PC — and even for most versions of Windows — so it's not such a big deal next time you misplace your serial number and are need to reinstall.

With so many different serial numbers to keep track of, Jalapeno Keyfinder will find your Windows' operating system serial number for you in a pinch. In addition, the program retrieves serial numbers from a multitude of programs, from the likes of Microsoft Office, CorelDRAW, WinZip and more. The application recognises and extracts licence keys from up to 170 different pieces of software, and even has built-in command line support.

Jalapeno Keyfinder is available for Windows at $US6.95 but the older, demo version is a free download (and works just fine).

Jalapeno Keyfinder [Jalapeno Software via MakeUseOf]


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