iPad App Store Now Live For Australians

Yes, we know it doesn't go on sale here for another week, but Nick over at Gizmodo reports that Apple has opened up the Australian version of the iPad app store, letting anyone who already has an iPad add applications using an Australian iTunes account.

Prior to that change, early iPad buyers have had to use a fiddly workaround to get hold of applications. Having the switch happen early also gives Apple a bit of time to make sure everything's in shape ahead of next week's launch.

Another notable bit of iPad news from Gizmodo sees some excessively high roaming charges for anyone using a micro-SIM from Telstra. $29 for 10MB is on the high side, but that doesn't change our opinion that the Telstra deal is pretty good if you don't want a long term commitment — when travelling, it's always more sensible (and cheaper) to use Wi-Fi.

Aussie iPad App Store Seems To Be Live [Gizmodo]

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