How To Switch Off Google's New Look

Google's new look has now rolled out to most Australian users, and not everyone is happy about it. If you'd prefer the old, less-cluttered site, you can get back to it.

If you'd rather get your Google results in the old format, just bookmark and use this URL instead:

It's not a perfect replica of the old site — the option to search Australian sites only is now well and truly gone from the front page — but it's a useful option if you feel like space is being wasted with the new layout and you're not interested in the filtering options it offers.

[via Google Operating System]


    for those who use Google Chrome address bar as search engine, you can rename the old google search engine keyword and create a new one with search url

    hope that helps.

    -Justin N

    I use this address as my default google search page:

    Which has a Pages from Australia button and also removes the annoying menu fade in

    Thanks for this, shame about losing the "pages from Australia" search though. Hopefully they'll listen to their customers and give us a choice. :(

      It's on the left side now, under 'The web' is 'pages from Australia'.
      I don't really like the change though, seems more cluttered.

        Sorry Den, I meant that there's no "pages from Australia" search when you go to . There is on the regular google in the left sidebar, but that's only after you have already gone to the results page, so an extra click away.

    Why does the new layout look almost identical to Bing's search results page ??? Bad Google, Bad!

    Oh no! This one is now gone too!

    Terrible, forced change ><

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