Gyazo Offers Instant And No-Fuss Screenshot Sharing

Windows/Mac/Linux: Sometimes you just want to share a screenshot and you want to share it now, no fancy effects or editing necessary. Gyazo is a one-trick pony that specialises in speedy and frill-free screenshot sharing.

If you want to share something on your screen and you want to do it immediately and with as few inputs as possible, Gyazo is lightning fast. Install Gyazo and any time you launch it you're given a cross-hair tool for selecting all or a portion of your screen. After selecting the screenshot it's uploaded immediately to the Gyazo servers and the image opens in your default web browser — as seen in the screenshot above.

Alternately you can drag and drop an existing image onto the Gyazo program icon to achieve the same one-click uploading. Gyazo has no editing capabilities nor do you get a second chance to adjust your crop before it uploads, but it's free, fast and one of the speediest solutions around to help you share something right now without any fuss. Gyazo is freeware available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Have a favourite image sharing tool? Let's hear about it in the comments.

Gyazo [via Download Squad]


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