Google Searches Now List Associated Brand Names

If you've taken up a new hobby, chances are you'll need to buy some new equipment, and the companies involved are likely to be unfamiliar. A minor enhancement to Google's search site, returning lists of common brand names associated with particular topics, makes that easier.

Search on "digital cameras", for instance, and you'll see a small list of the main players before your search results (as in the screen shot). Most Lifehacker readers are probably familiar with the brands in that case, but it seems to work just as well for other categories in a quick random selection I tried out. It's a small enhancement, but a potentially useful one if you're starting to explore a new field.

As with many Google enhancements, as of this writing it hasn't been rolled out to all of Google's local sites, so if you do a search via rather than, you won't get the brand names option. However, since searches via the search box in your browser will be directed via the main site, it's still pretty easy to get at this feature.

[via Official Google Blog]


    It's very interesting. How does Google determine the brands? Is it based on search? Volume searches to the brand?

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