Google Offers Encrypted SSL Searches

From the Files of the Google's News Moves Way Too Quickly Dept: The search giant announced late last week that users who head to (note the extra "s") can now make a secure connection to Google for their searches, which Google says "helps protect your search terms and your search results pages from being intercepted by a third party on your network".

You'll see a modified logo (pictured at right), won't see the usual links to non-SSL-encrypted services like Images and Maps, and might get a slightly slower experience. We mentioned Google's SSL offering in a Tips Box tip for setting up Chrome with an encrypted search, but thought Google's secure new offering deserved its own (belated) mention.

Official Google Blog


    does anyone really need encrypted searches?

      Cant say I do, cant say I dont. Same as locking my front door. Better safe than sorry I guess.

    i'd like an australian version :)
    also i'd like links to images/maps etc...
    my theory is, if google can provide secure connection for searching websites, it can with images/maps too :)

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