Google Maps Improves Timetable Integration

In a simple but very useful tweak, Google Maps now displays timetable information for upcoming services in the left-hand panel if you search for a train station.

Maps has included information on which lines run from a given station for a while, but the new upcoming option makes it easier to find a service quickly. Of course, this feature depends on Google having public transport information integrated, which right now applies to Perth, Adelaide, Cairns and Canberra within Australia. We've said it before and we'll say it again: we want Sydney (for real), Melbourne and Brisbane on there pronto.

[via Official Google Blog]


    I think the problem with Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane is that the relevant authorities refuse to license the data to Google.

    "...and Canberra within..."

    Not the last time I looked. They announced it was coming several months ago ( but we've had no news since.

    ...And I just had another look and found no transit directions available.

    The other problem with Brisbane is that lot's of services don't actually run to the timetable so it may not be a lot of use.

    Damn that works well.

    They need to get this going in Melbourne on the Mobile Google Maps.. Come on already!

    Hrmmm it's odd that the Victorian government isn't supplying public transport information at That would seem like a fairly basic data set really.....

    Bring on Sydney already!

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