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Thinking you need to get your long term financial outlook into better shape? To promote Financial Planning Week, the Financial Planning Association is offering free email advice to consumers via a special site from now until the end of June.

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You can choose to direct your questions to a specific planner in your area, or have one randomly assigned. Detailed financial planning takes time (and as often as not costs money), and I wouldn't be entirely surprised if a lot of the answers people receive don't cover all the ground you'd want.

That said, a free foot in the door isn't something to be sneezed at, and it could give you an idea of whether a given planner suits your needs. To access the service, hit the link below, and let us know how useful the outcome is in the comments.



    I gave this a go, and picked out a planner to determine whether or not this would make sense for my financial situation. I'd like to think that I was open minded with my expectations, but the fee quoted was a minimum of $12k per year. Is that really the going-rate for this type of service?

    What type of trust would generally offer the greatest tax advantage to an investor? An ungeared property trust, a geared property trust, a cash management trust or a bond trust?

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