Generatus Creates Humorous Status Updates When Your Imagination Is Tired

Perfect for the joke-cracking social network fan, free web service Generatus is a status update generator for when you are fresh out of funny ideas, keeping you and your friends entertained with randomly generated or subject-prompted one-liners.

It may not be a productivity tool (quite the opposite, in fact), but as the weekend rolls on it's the perfect time-wasting, laugh-inducing web tool to help you wind down. Just type in your name, pick your gender, and add any tags you want (you'll have to click on tags from generated stauses or the tag cloud; you can't type them in yourself) and hit the Generate button. A lot of the output has to do with news or funny movie quotes, but some of them are just random. Sure, they can get a little cheesy or recycled, but I was surprised at how many statuses came out that I actually would have found very humorous would I have seen them in my Twitter stream or Facebook news feed. Hit the link to try it out, and share your favourites in the comments.

Generatus [via GeekSugar]


    Lame Will Ferrell type humour. Devoid of wit and inventiveness. For shame Lifehacker, for shame!

      thanks lifehacker for sharing, as for the last post, its easy to criticize, anyone with a few fingers can type, but it takes a better person to research and share

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