From The Tips Box: Keyboard Navigation, Glasses Cleaner, Home Fumigation

Readers offer their best tips for getting Vim-like keyboard navigation in Windows, making your own glasses cleaner, and putting a quick shortcut to turn your connection on and off on your taskbar.

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Get Vim-Like Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows with AutoHotkey

Photo by John Ward.

shkm shares an Autohotkey script for easy vim navigation in Windows:

Vim navigation is great, but we rely on each application to implement it. Taking inspiration from some past AHK scripts, I decided to write a (very) basic AHK script to add crude vim functionality to Windows.

It sends keystrokes such as the standard navigation buttons, so there is still the prerequisite that the application in question implements these standards. Of course, this is much more likely than them implementing vim shortcuts.

With the script, just hold down caps and press the key in question for something like vim.

Navigation works pretty well. There are a couple of other features in there, though not all correspond exactly to vim, and some are bound to different keys.

As I write this, here's what the keys do when caps is held:

h: Left

j: Down

k: Up

l: Right

y: Yank (copy) selection

Y: Yank (copy) line

p: Put (paste) line

P: Put (paste) behind

u: Undo

U: Redo

d: Delete line

D: Delete to end (d$)

4: Home

Shift+4: End ($)

,: Indent

Shift+,: Outdent (Actually sends shift+tab, so reliant on your editor)

The script is available here.

Make Your Own Glasses Cleaner with Dish Soap and Perfume Spritzers

Photo by Darkangels.

Elliot tells us how he keeps his glasses clean without buying separate cleaners:

I work in an optical centre, and recently came up with a hack for our patients here. We take empty perfume sample bottles (you know, they ones that hold about 2 days of perfume that they hand out in the mall) and rinse them out, then fill them with glasses cleaner. If people want to save even more and not spring for lens solution, they can make their own by putting a drop or three of dish soap into a cup of water, then mixing it. Use a small funnel or rolled up tin foil to pour in the solution to the perfume spritzer, and you have a tiny amount of cleaning solution you can pop into your glasses case. And since the bottle is soft plastic, there is no threat of scratching your lenses.

Store Dishes in the Dishwasher During Fumigation

Photo by Bart Everson.

KamWrex lets us know an easy way to keep your dishes safe when fumigating:

When fumigating your home, use your dish washer as a place to store dishes out of the way of the fumes instead of having to cover a bunch of dishes with plastic in the cabinets.

The watertight seal of the dishwasher will keep any fumes from the dishes and you can put them right back into storage after you're done bombing bugs. If you are worried still that there is residue on the dishes...just wash them!

Set Rotating Wallpapers to Keep Track of TIme

StopNgoBeau shows us how he keeps himself from staying up too late while working intently:

Working long hours at a computer can cause you to lose track of time.

I keep track of my time by setting my wallpaper to change to a new image every hour. This prompts me to look at the clock to see how late into the night it is.

I use a dual widescreen monitor setup, so I always have some background showing somewhere that can catch my eye.


    How to install Autohotkey script and use it in Windows XP?

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