From The Tips Box: Google Reader, Workspace Posture, Spoiled Food

Readers offer their best tips for easy browsing with Google Reader, keeping good posture at your desk, and disposing of spoiled food.

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Put Google Reader in Your Sidebar for Convenient Link Opening

Gregsaw shows us a cool way to keep Google Reader open while browsing:

In order to make it easier for me to use Google Reader and browse at the same time, I used the Load Any Site in your Firefox Sidebar article from Lifehacker to bookmark the iPhone version of Google Reader. (

When clicking on a link in the sidebar, it opens the page in a new tab in your current window.

Twist Your Belt to Remind You to Sit Up

Kevinbcheng shares a tip for remembering to keep good posture at your desk:

I work in a cube all day. To promote good back posture, once in a while I make a twist in my belt on the back side of my pants. Whenever I'm tempted to slouch I'm reminded by a small amount of pain.

Just be sure to take it out when you go somewhere important so you don't look like you got dressed while you were still asleep.

Freeze Spoiled Food for Stink-Free Disposal

Photo by Morgaine.

Diego lets us know how to avoid the stench of spoiled food when throwing it out:

When my refrigerator decided to stay in defrost mode for an entire day I was faced with the task of throwing away a ton of smelly foods. So when the freezer was back up and running, I froze everything I was going to get rid of. After a minute of thawing in it's container I was able to place dips, meats, and soup in the bin before they transformed back to liquid and smelled up the house. The cleanup has never been easier.

Throttle Soap Dispensers with a Rubber Band

Dave shows us how to keep from using too much soap and wasting money:

Whether you just want to use less soap each time you wash your hands, or if you have small children (like mine) who like to "slime" the bathroom mirror, you can wrap a rubber band around the neck of a liquid soap dispenser to reduce its output. After a dozen or so twists you can cut the use of soap roughly in half, which is often still plenty to get the job done.


    "After a minute of thawing in it’s container I was able to place dips, meats, and soup in the bin before they transformed back to liquid and smelled up the house."

    Just a thought, but wouldn't the frozen things then melt in your wheelie bin and ooze out of the bags - leading to a really manky wheelie bin? Sure you probably don't go near the bin as often as you go into the kitchen, but still, stinky bins attract all sorts of pests.

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