From The Tips Box: Firefox Printing, Bulletin Boards, Car Thieves

Readers offer their best tips for printing in Firefox quickly, holding pens near your bulletin board, and protecting your car from break-ins.

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Bypass the Print Dialog in Firefox

Prairie Moon tells us how to keep the print settings screen from showing up in Firefox:

To print directly in Firefox, that is, to bypass the print dialog box, try this:

1. In the location bar, type about:config, press ENTER, and promise to be careful

2. Right-click to create a new boolean called


3. Set it to True

From then on, your default print settings will be used, no dialog box with the OK button will appear. I've wanted this option for a while, especially since I started using Readability.

[via Ask The Admin]

Tack a Box to Your Bulletin Board for Holding Pens

kingofthering shares an easy way to organise pens for easy access on your bulletin board:

If you have a tack/bulletin board in your house or dorm, a thumbtack through the inside of an empty Pocky box makes for a nice pen/etc holder.

I've been able to store a mini-Maglite, pen, leatherman, and such things in one.

Prevent Car Break-Ins by Hiding Nav System Clues

Photo by World's Saddest Man.

MattyMattMatt lets us know that hiding your nav system won't necessarily prevent break-ins by itself:

We all know that sat navs are popular targets for thieves. My mum always takes hers out of the car and takes down the holder as well, yet recently she managed to have her car broken into twice while travelling, likely related to the mark the holder leaves on the window.

Recently her car hasn't been broken into and of course I cannot say for certain that this is the reason, but I told her to start leaving a map visible in the car. For now, no new break ins.

Even more important than the maps is to wipe the suction cup mark off the windshield. Or, better yet, use the stand it comes with to stand it up on your dashboard instead of sticking it on the windshield. You'll be a lot less likely to attract potential thieves.

Use Rubber Bands to Hold Tea Bags Out of the Way

Colin tells us how he keeps his tea bag in the mug while drinking it:

I remember the clever post about using binder clips to hold the bag tethers out of the way and from falling into the cauldron. I have been using that tip ever since. This morning i was about to do that and saw a rubber band next to our clips and it seemed like an improvement on the solution because it is less obtrusive and can fit all mugs.


    I use a matt for the TomTom so it leaves no trace of rings!

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