Free Audio Editor Strips Audio From YouTube And Video Files

Windows only: We've covered Free Audio Editor before, but the newest version is chock full of extra features. They've added the ability to download YouTube videos and the ability to strip audio from video.

By inputting a URL, you can strip audio from YouTube videos online. It downloads the YouTube video in FLV (which is useful in itself if you only want to download a video), and then strips the audio from the FLV file. Free Audio Encoder will also strip audio from normal videos, such as those in AVI format.

Previously, we discovered the program was powerful and intuitive with its streamlined interface. The newest version is still a very good choice, and still offers rich features such as CD ripping/burning, text-to-speech conversion and audio editing. While open-source audio editing programAudacity is still an excellent utility, Free Audio Editor is equally as powerful if not more so with the new changes.

Free Audio Editor is freeware for Windows only. Alternatively, you can purchase the Deluxe version for $US29.99. It unlocks the last few features, but we found that they weren't very many nor did we need them.

Free Audio Editor


    strip == remove != extract

    So where's the link?

      Link disappeared for no very clear reason. Restored now.

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