Forget Cookies: Over 8 In 10 Browsers Have A Unique Fingerprint

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (they're the good folks on the digital frontier fighting for our digital rights) conducted a study of the uniquely identifiable information your browser regularly sends out in the open and found that "an overwhelming majority of web browsers have unique signatures — creating identifiable "fingerprints" that could be used to track you as you surf the Internet." That information includes things like operating system, browser and common plug-ins. [EFF]


    I like this. Ive been deleting cookies and super flash cookies for a while now. This just a few more clicks (java and javascript are gone) so are all my plugins. Changed my useragent. I am now a Googlebot 2.1.

    As for the IP address. Not so clear. Why? I am on wireless broadband. From what I can gather, I am behind a NAT. So every website thinks I am in Melbourne when I am actually somewhere else.

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