Five Things To Do When You Get Your New iPad Home

If you were lucky enough to pre-order before the first batch ran out, or braved the queues at retailers around the country, you're now the proud owner of an officially-released-in-Australia iPad. Here's five things to do to make your new gadget more useful.

Picture by extraketchup

5. Choose a suitable data plan

If you've opted for the 3G iPad model for greater portability, then you'll need to acquire a micro-SIM to get it connected when there's no free Wi-Fi in range. Hit up our table of iPad SIM plans above to see what your options are, whether you want to spend $9.95 or $80 a month. (Yes, it's hard to imagine you'll actually need to do the latter.)

4. Hunt down some free apps

Magazine and book publishers are hoping that iPad owners will celebrate their purchase by spending even more money on subscriptions, but there are plenty of free iPad-specific apps around if you're prepared to dig. To get you started, here's a direct iTunes store link for free iPad apps.

3. Make sure Wi-Fi actually works

Some new iPad owners have found that, far from getting a seamless Wi-Fi experience, they get no connectivity at all. The scenario doesn't seem particularly common, but if it does happen to you, hit the link above for some suggestions on how to fix it.

2. Install the Air Video and Dropbox Apps

The Lifehacker team has checked out a fair few iPad apps since the device launched in the US, but two in particular have stood out: Dropbox (making it much easier to access crucial files) and Air Video, for easy and effective streaming of video to your iPad.

1. Build a stand for it without spending a fortune

If you want to use the iPad as a media viewer (which is definitely one of the more rational use cases), then you'll need something to rest it on. As well as the above-linked roundup of bargain DIY stands, you can make one from Lego or a wire coat hanger. To mount it for vertical viewing, velcro is the easiest answer.

What are you actually planning to do with your new iPad? Tell us your best use cases in the comments.


    Use it to email your boss to say its finally here and you'll be in soon?

    I've re-purposed one of those point-and-shoot size Joby Gorillapods as a stand, it works brilliantly.

      Hi Clarence,

      Sounds interesting. Any chance you can post a pic or two of your setup. I have a P&S Gorilla pod I bought for my Panasonic LX-3 but it's useless because the tripod mount hole on the LX-3 is way over to one side, not in the centre.

      So a chance to re-purpose my dormant Gorilla pod for my iPad (delivery = June) would be great.

      PS: Air Video is fantastic app. I've used it with my iPhone for a long time and can't wait to use the iPad version.


    No queues at SuperCentre Belrose or JB Brookvale. In fact, a lone salesman at Belrose.

    I'm guessing LH is being sponsored by Apple.... there have been a ton of "pro-ipad" articles recently.

      No sponsorship - and the big complaint last week was allegations of anti-Apple bias!

    Wobble, It was the same when Giz got a hold of the 'New' iphone, plenty of news aricles that did not really apply to me. I whinged and I'm sure that the Apple fans didn't really care. If Microsoft came out with a product that was anticipated as a 'revolution' then it would get the same media attention. As it stands PC companies release products with their fingers crossed behind their back that the product doesn't break. My only criticism of LH and Giz recently has been that there are far too many comments down the bottom that are really not worth printing (mine included).

    I for one can not see the revolution here to backup the hype this device has, aside from the touchscreen, what can it do that my 4year old laptop cannot?

      For a start your 4yo POS Laptop is getting about an hour out of it's oversized battery, and running XP, it's full of malware and the floppy drive is just extra weight. My shiny new iPad gets 10hours, and doesn't have a whole pile of crap I don't need hanging off the side of it. The main problem I have with the comparison is that you even dared to compare them in the first place - they are different products, It's like you have compared your Mountain Bike to my Audi R8, the only thing they have in common is that they both get muddy tyres on a wet day.

        Matt It sounds like you're trying to convince yourself here more than anything else - either way if Jobs & Co. reckon you need Apple's answer to the R8 I suppose you've got no choice but to go out and buy it.
        Most of us are perfectly happy browsing the 'net on our POS mountian bike computers (great analogue by the way... an R8 and a mountain bike - what it lacks in sense it makes up for in pure, unadulterated stupidity.)
        Good luck keeping warm this winter - you're in for a hell of a lot of $$$ with what Apple has planned for you in the next few months. But then again you've probably got a healthy fleece to go with that shiny new iPad (how's that for a daring comparison?).

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