Five Best Personal Landing Pages

Not everyone has the time or inclination to build and maintain a full-fledged web site. If you're just looking for a simple way to unify all your online profiles, these personal landing pages are a perfect fit.

Earlier this week, we asked you to share your favourite personal landing page. A personal landing page is a small-scale web site that directs visitors towards your other profiles on the web, a central page you can direct people to, instead of writing and linking a laundry list of your online presences—your Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and other profiles.

If you're looking to set up a personal landing page to unify your online presence without the work of setting up and maintaining your own web site, the following services can help. Read on to see the most popular personal landing pages.

Note: For the screenshots below, we took snapshots of real profiles from all of the services, as discovered by Google searches or provided as examples on the main site of each service. Since the services are customisable, don't assume that all personal landing pages from that particular service look exactly like the sample screenshot. Visit the service web site for more information and to see how you can customise your own site.

Unhub (Free)

The Unhub service isn't as much a personal landing page as a personal landing bar. When you give people your Unhub profile URL what they see is an Unhub bar across the top of the browser pane and your featured site below it. Unlike most personal landing page services which limit you to well-known social networks and services, Unhub lets you link to anything you want. If you want the bar to have your Amazon wish list, your YouTube profile, a link to your Wikipedia page, and then links to your a couple virtual portfolios of various work you've done, you can do that. You select the site Unhub will bring the user's focus to and which sites will be displayed across the Unhub bar. Unhub includes a URL shortening tool and site analytics to help you see which links get clicked the most and which profiles interest your visitors. You always have to point Unhub at something even if it's just your Facebook profile page. If you're looking for a service that will a one-stop information board for your visitors, you may wan to check out some of the other personal landing pages in this week's Hive Five. (Free), as the name would imply, is a business card-styled personal landing page. You can tweak your profile with all sorts of customisations to turn it from a simple set of service icons people can click to get to your Flickr and Facebook accounts (among other services) to a full-fledged mini portal with a profile, personal quotes, and additional information about you. has a demo account, available here, where you can play around with the themes and settings to get a feel for the service before you sign up. (Free) is a personal landing page that emphasises style and presentation over an abundance of widgets. The layout is designed to showcase a photograph or piece of artwork with a small bio and a set of links layered over it. Although the design is simple the creative variations people come up with are quite interesting, you can browse through a directory of profiles here to get ideas. Simple and punchy design aside sports a user friendly drag and drop interface for quick site creation. You can check out our review of here. (Free)

Compared to other contenders in this week's Hive Five, takes customisation to another level. Instead of merely allowing you to swap out pictures or select which links you want to include, lets you build multiple profiles and highlight what's important to you. You can make a professional profile to share with colleagues, a personal profile to share with friends, and as many variations as you need for different situations or projects. In addition you can emphasise some of the content you share over other content. Let's say you want to emphasise your Twitter feed over other shared content like your Flickr photos, lets you promote the Twitter feed to appear more prominently.

ClaimID (Free)

ClaimID has the least splashy personal landing page offering in this week's Hive Five. The emphasis at Claim ID isn't about expressing your artistic bent or wildly differentiating yourself from the crowd but instead on showcasing the services that are important to you. customisation is limited but it's easy enough to create a long list of all the services and web sites you want to share. ClaimID is tied into the OpenID service so if it's important to you to show people that you've actually been verified as the person you're claiming to be and that your links actually point to the real profiles of John Q. Smith then you may want to consider ClaimID's personal landing page despite the lack of eye candy.

Have a favourite personal landing page that wasn't featured? Let's hear about it in the comments. Have a tip or trick for making the most of a personal landing page? We want to hear about that too.

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