Favoorit Is A Simple Google Search And Favourites Mashup

If you like Google search, having quick access to a handful of favourite links, and cool wallpaper, Favoorit mashes up all three to create a simple but effective start page.

Favoorit puts your favourite links in a sidebar with a Google search box. You can reorder the links in the sidebar and reposition the Google search box—we scrunched them together for a screenshot here, but you can place the search box anywhere on the screen. In addition to tweaking your favourites and positioning the search box you can choose from thousands of background images or upload your own. It's a simple service without many frills but if all you're looking for is quick links, Google search, and something to spice up the background it's a great fit.

Favoorit is free and requires no sign-up or personal information. For more start page ideas, check out the Hive Five on Best Start Pages. Have a favourite start page of your own to share? Let's hear about it in the comments.

Favoorit [via Download Squad]


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