eBay Buyers Paying $US829 For An Early iPad

The news that eBay was imposing restrictions on selling iPads led to a number of readers questioning the motives for such a move and whether Apple was involved. Today eBay has disclosed how many iPads have been sold via the site so far.

According to eBay, as of today 1,754 iPads have been sold to Australians. The average price has been $US829, which is higher than you'll pay for four out of the six models in Australia come Friday. The majority (61%) were shipped from the US, followed by Hong Kong and the UK.

As for the reason for the rules, a combination of Apple whinging and eBay not wanting to get a reputation as a rip-off site seems the most likely rule. The fact that shipment dates keep moving for the popular device might well have inspired some eBay sellers to try and turn a quick buck by buying from Apple and then selling at inflated prices. We'd suggest patience: to be honest, no-one is going to suffer by waiting a fortnight for an iPad.


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