eBay Australia To Offer Free Listings From July 8

We've advised in the past that there's often a free listing deal going at eBay if you're patient, but from July you won't have to hang around: the auction site is launching a Local Classifieds option that eliminates insertion fees in favour of a higher final value fee, as well as winding back its super-controversial requirement to always offer PayPal on a listing.

eBay Australia flagged that it was thinking about the Local Classified option for casual sellers earlier this year, so it isn't a complete surprise. Items in the format have to be listed for local pickup, and don't attract any listing fees. eBay says it will eventually automatically filter search results so you only see items from this format in your registered postcode area, but that won't happen immediately.

The trade-off? Rather than the current 5.25% final valuation fee, you'll pay 7.9% (capped at $49.95). Depending on the value of the item, that might actually cost you more than paying for a low-value insertion, but it does eliminate the risk of spending money up-front for something that might not sell.

On July 14, eBay Australia will also change its payments policy. While it will still be compulsory to offer at least one "secure payment method" even if you'd rather just take cash, you'll be able to use independent service Paymate (or a merchant credit card if you're a business), rather than having to use eBay-owned PayPal. As I've reported at APC, eBay maintains the change is designed to improve the checkout experience, but a fresh round of collar-feeling by the ACCC seems just as important a factor.

Fancy the idea of free listings? Prefer getting rid of your used goods elsewhere? Tell us in the comments.



    Does this signal the death of Gumtree?
    Which I've been led to believe was bought by eBay.

      Is Gumtree a real competitor? I've heard from everyone it's just scam central and have experienced myself (not falling for it of course).

        Even Quokka listings are scambait these days. I listed something and immediately got contacted by someone "at sea who wants to buy it for their son, if I could just western union the shipping agent fee first"

    I rarely use eBay to sell as fees far to high, take a $15 item by the time one pays the advert and paypal i get about $9 simply not worth it.

    Gumtree is full of scammers.
    I have experienced it myself, so take my word and stay away from it.

    First of all you don’t really expect eBay to tell the truth about anything, do you? Even for those things that we know about, eg ACCC/PayPal, they still can’t tell the story without spinning it; they are in fact habitual obfuscators, disingenuous liars, or whatever other derogatory expression that so suits this most unscrupulous commercial entity.

    Then, something for free? Why would eBay offer anything for free? Things must me absolutely desperate. Can’t wait for 21 July to see the second quarter financial results; the third quarter financials should be equally as interesting on 21 August.

    No doubt about it “Johnny Donut” (aka “Peter Principle”) is doing a great job of destroying this “community” platform, and the stockholders equity too.

    For anyone interested in many matters of unscrupulousness at eBay, and in particular eBay’s demonstrable and deliberate facilitation of the rampant shill bidding fraud being perpetrated by many unscrupulous professional sellers on buyers, particularly on nominal-start auctions, an introduction thereto can be found at

    Please excuse my many apparent libels of eBay and its managing executives but truth is a defense. eBay prefers to not answer such criticisms, or will simply obfuscate when forced by the media on occasion to do so. They would simply prefer not to open the “shill bidding” can of worms so as not to give such allegations any more publicity than they are already getting lest they wake the sleeping consumer affairs regulators who may then be just irritated enough to do something about this most unscrupulous of commercial entities.

    eBay/PayPal/Donahoe: Dead Men Walking

      Unfortunately, its the only one of its kind remaining since earlier competitors failed to compete - bid.com, bidorbuy.com, etc... (I'm trying to remember those sites ~8-9 years ago)

      Fortunately, it is still around for people to buy/sell, but at the same time they have a monopoly on this kind of business which can make it hard for ACCC to allege any misconducts since there are no benchmarks/competitors.

    I wouldn't be surprised if e-bays' financial results would be lower this quarter. They have had their good run and don't seem to offer the right support for the buyer when needed, and this should not be, when the seller is on their site. Just gives e-bay a bad name when a person buys a J&M flavourwave and 12 weeks later it breaks and then you are told there is no warranty stipulated on the ad by e-bay. What sort of help is that to a buyer! What it tells me is that they don't care about the buyer as long as the seller keeps paying those fees. Go to deals direct for a flavourwave. At least you have 12 mths warranty which tells me a better product.

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