eBay Australia Sets Rules For iPad Sales

The iPad officially goes on sale in Australia this Friday, but there's plenty of people who have already acquired one from overseas. But if you were planning on getting rid of an early import or trying to take advantage of Apple selling out its first shipment, be aware that eBay has set some very specific rules on selling the iPad.

While businesses that are already authorised Apple resellers can flog as many iPads as they like, the rules are much tighter for others. Sellers with a history of selling computer gear can sell up to eight iPads a week; everyone else is limited to four.

Bottom line? If you buy an iPad and it turns out to be a disappointment, you can sell it second-hand no problem. Just don't try making a habit of it.



    If only they would limit everyone to only sell 4 tickets a month to concerts.

    That would surely put a small dent in the ticket scalping scum that is eBay.

    photoshop = fail
    image of ebay app?

      You aren't very old are you Darius?

      What is it with the current generation that has to use the word "FAIL"? Just hanging crap on everyone that doesn't do what you think is best for you just shows how self centered people are becoming.

      The author is trying to provide information to you and giving it to you free of charge. Do you ever think that they might be on a time constraint? I don't think it's necessary for them to be artists as well.

      Thanks for the info Angus. Good job.

        I'm with Darius on this one, it looks unprofessional (considering the caliber of previous mock ups). By the way Bernhard the information given isn't free of charge, this site is heavily ad supported and subsidised by Gawker Media, the bloggers on here are paid.

        Unfortunately it seems some people endeavour to prove my opinion of them. They knock someone elses work for the simple pleasure it gives them at the expense of others.

        Given free of charge means that you weren't charged to read the item. Yes, they have income streams, good for them, and it's your choice if you want to read or click the ads, and all that costs you is time.

        How about putting a positive spin on someones work for once.

      you fail life for caring

    What's the justification for this?

      I'm guessing they're not wanting people to buy lots of them then sell them at inflated prices.

      Kind of like what happened with the Wii at launch/when it sells out.

    I could understand this if Apple had requested it, but why does Ebay care? They get listing fees and commissions for each sale regardless of who sells it, and if people are stupid enough to pay inflated prices then that isn't Ebay's problem. Seems a bit strange.

    Is it possible that Apple have put pressure on eBay? Does Apple have the ability to hurt eBay in the marketplace or is there a prospective alliance between the two?

    And for Bernard, I'd just like to call this a free-market forces FAIL.

    The primary reason has put this rule in place has nothing to do with Apple. If you look at the rules more carefully you will see that restrictions/liberties to sell ipads are also governed by a sellers feedback and number of sales.
    When a "hot" item like the iPad appears it alone can generate massive search hits on eBay. This generally means greater opportunities for the unscrupulous to take advantage of the demand and list product they don't have, start new user names take money during the rush and disappear off eBay never to be seen again.
    eBay has set these restrictions to protect buyers and ebays reputation.

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