Dymocks Now Selling DNL, ePub E-Books

Kindle aside, there aren't so many choices for local ebook purchasers. Dymocks has just expanded its range of titles, adding 3,000 books in DNL format and also embracing ePub.

Chances are you haven't heard of DNL, which is an Australian-developed format designed to closely replicate the physical book experience. The ePub standard has been more broadly adopted, but Dymocks is being coy about how many titles in that format it sells.

As Nick points out over at Gizmodo, this isn't necessarily a major advance: the format is DRM-locked and Dymocks' preferred e-book reader is massively overpriced. On the other hand, letting Apple totally control the space (assuming it eventually gets around to offering iBooks after eventually getting around to offering the iPad) isn't such a great idea either.



    Quote "On the other hand, letting Apple totally control the space isn’t such a great idea either".

    Generally, it is good form to offer alternatives or work around solutions when criticising something; otherwise you're just whining.

    I for one would relish a single point of supply for all books. If it's Apple, it's Ok. It's certainly better than what we have at the moment.

    I'd also be happy with Amazon (and have used them)

    Seriously, I'd like one point of sale for all electonic book purchase, and I'd rather have it so those books would operate on my device of choice. Currently that's an iPad as it can do more than just be an eReader. I don't want to carry around a lot of devices.

    Currently I use Stanza and find it a great app. I hope Amazon will port it to the iPad (though I find that as being rather hopeful).

      Oh, I forgot to mention ... I also use the Kindle app for a few of the books I purchased through Amazon. I find it annoying that I have to use two applications, which is another reason I'd like one point of purchase of all eBooks.

      God forbid, if I'd have to use multiple devices.

        I, on the other hand, would rather have multiple points of purchase who all used the same format (or provided ebooks in all formats).


    Yes if everyone use the same format it would be nice. But that's not the whole picture is it? We also have the issue of multiple DRM schemes and a lot of publishers like to shake the mix by supplying book format 'A' and DRM sheme 'B'. There doesn't seem to be a lot of consensus in this indrustry. The publishers are as bad as Apple in trying to lock you into their own domain.

    If we're really going to make a grand wish, I'd vote for DRM free books all in the same "Open" format.

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