Don't Hold Your Breath For Google TV In Australia

Google's announcement of Google TV has been attracting plenty of attention. While there's a lot to like about an easier way to search online content on your TV, Australians shouldn't hold their breath: it'll be at least a year before we see any devices supporting the newly-announced standard.

As I report at APC, Google's rollout — like nearly every Internet TV-related product I've encountered for the last decade — is initially scheduled only for a US rollout. Google has said it plans international expansion, and is eyeing 2011 as the date. Given that Sony is releasing a Google TV-enabled TV set and Blu-ray player, that looks the most likely option for a first Australian product as well. (Though there's always the possibility that Kogan will revive its Android ambitions and rush out a set-top box.)

No Google TV for Australia before 2011 [APC]


    Looks just like XBMC / Boxee. I don't know what the difference is.

      the ability to incorporate with your other viewing devices (cable/sat). I think the idea is try and bring all those various elements together.

      To be honest, if xbmc could download the local tv guide and play free to air tv as well, I'd never need to switch!!

        MediaPortal is like XMBC/Boxee with TV support. I don't know why more people arn't using it.

    Google is making its way as higher and higher to show that it always maintains the level as number one. Hope the Google TV going to bring much more things together.

    Once again Australia is at the forefront of technology! /s

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