Dermandar Creates, Catalogues Panoramic Photos For Easy Sharing

If you'd like to whip together a panorama to share the awesome scenes from your holiday, your rooftop or any other place that deserves a wider-than-wide-angle view, Dermandar makes panoramic photo creation painless.

Dermandar is an extremely simple panoramic creator. Take photos at your location doing your best to keep the camera level and snapping photos with significant overlap, upload them to Dermandar, and that's it. Dermandar stitches them, cleans them up and presents you with a polished preview. From the preview you can download the image or share it on Dermandar. The entire process takes moments — render time is shockingly fast!

Want to see how fast Dermandar is? Visit their creation help page to download a bundle of photos for you to upload and see it in action. While you're in a panoramic taking mood make sure to check out how to take better panoramic photos, online panorama editor MagToo and our guide to taking great panoramic photos with free software. Have a tip, trick or application to share for better panoramic photos? Let's hear about it in the comments.

Dermandar [via MakeUseOf]


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