Dark Walls And Ample Storage: A Cosy Home Office

When choosing a paint colour you'll frequently be advised to go with white or other bright colours and told to avoid dark colours. Today's featured workspace featured dark walls and cabinets with an excellent outcome.

Dark walls, plenty of storage space — in the desk, the above-desk cabinets, the wrap-around cabinets that double as a television stand, and the close — and a plethora of gadgets to play with give the room plenty of visual interest. Check out more pictures below:

Dark Walls and Ample Storage: A Cozy Home Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    Nothing like samurai swords, a large knife, a hand gun, and some extra ammunition to make the office nice and homely...

    thats part of his zombie survival kit. this would be a beautiful command centre.

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