Carbonite For BlackBerry Keeps Your Computer's Backed-Up Files Handy

BlackBerry: If you're a customer of Carbonite, one of our favourite Windows backup tools, and you own a BlackBerry, the new Carbonite app gives you access to all your files anywhere you go, so you can browse, view or email them.

Carbonite's constant off-site backup of your home computer's files makes it better at remembering to save that file on your desktop than you are. Carbonite's had an iPhone app for a little while with similar browse/view/send capabilities, and the newest BlackBerry app, like the iPhone, is free to subscribers of its backup service, which runs a bit more than $US50 for a year's worth of unlimited space. It's one notable advantage the service offers over its main competitor Mozy, though you'll find pros and cons to each service and software.

Carbonite for BlackBerry is a free download, works with phones running at least the OS 4.6.1, and primarily the Pearl Flip 8230, Curve 8300/8500/8900 Series, Bold 9000 and Tour 9600.

Carbonite for BlackBerry


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