Brewing TV Is A Great Inspiration Resource For Home Brewers

If you're looking to start brewing your own beer, you'll love Brewing TV, a vidcast where the guys from US home brewing supplier Northern Brewer travel around the States and showcase the setups of home brewers big and small.

Whether you've been home brewing for a while or you're just thinking about starting, Brewing TV is a pretty cool way to see how other people set up their brewing command centres, and just learn about home brewing culture in general. Since everyone's process is a bit different, you may find a more efficient way to do it given the size of your home or other limitations. Plus, they'll go through their favourite beer recipes, too — perfect if you're looking for inspiration on what kind of beer to make next. There are also some cool interviews with experts like beer historians and homebrew competition judges. Hit the link to check out their full channel at Vimeo.

Brewing TV [via TechCrunch]


    So who is the Lifehacker homebrewer? I've noticed an increase in the number of links to brewing resources lately ;-)

    Not that I'm complaining, I'm an avid all-grain brewer!

    I am happy for the Home Brew info also, I love it from Beer to Wine to Mead.
    Home Brew Rocks!

    Great episode... good to see more and more home brewing stuff. I've been all grain brewing for a few years now and hopefully we will see more people pick it up. We are currently undergoing a 'renaissance' period in craft breweries starting up here down under, and it seems to be fueling more of an interest in home brewing. Only good things can come of this! Keep it up, we in Australia look forward to seeing more episodes!

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