Bing Maps Now Includes Suna Traffic Information, Sort Of

Many Bing services in Australia lag well behind the US site, but the local Maps implementation has just added a potentially useful feature: live traffic information from Suna for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Oddly, the feature is accessed via ninemsn rather than the main Bing interface, meaning you can only look at overall traffic information rather than searching for directions and seeing how you'll be affected. Mind you, that could be a blessing in disguise. I still find Bing Maps pretty poor when it comes to even identifying actual Australian addresses — certainly Google does far better in that sphere. The map does highlight live incidents in each city, so it's a quick way of checking if something's going wrong before you leave the office for the day.

Google already offers traffic information for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane on its map service, which uses Suna as well as other data sources.

Traffic Update


    How does this compare with Google Maps' Traffic feature?

    Bing is the least relevant seach engine I have used. Might as well be a random url generator for use in Australia. Must be spoilt by Google.

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