Being A Loner Needn't Mean Being A Loser

Christina Aguilera and Ricky Martin once claimed that nobody wants to be lonely. A BBC News report reminds us that while loneliness can be debilitating, enjoying your own company isn't necessarily a sign of personal problems.

A study by the UK Mental Health Foundation suggests that most people will experience loneliness at some point in their lives. However, as the number of people who choose to live on their own increases, it's worth recognising that this doesn't necessarily represent a problem — it may reflect a greater willingness to recognise that human beings vary widely in their sociability, as psychologist Ros Taylor points out in the report:

A loner can be perfectly content with their own company, while being alone will make another person utterly miserable.

If occasional loneliness is an issue for you, try changing your daily routine to boost your mood.

What's the difference between being lonely and a loner? [BBC News]


    Some of the best moments in my life i've experienced alone. As a creative I find it essential to spend time with alone working on projects :)

    I did all my weekend trips alone when I lived in London. Weekends to Europe, England, Ireland etc were fantastic on my own. I have no trouble with my own company and am happy to sit at a bar and sip away.
    I don't get enough alone time now...!

    "Aloneness is a state of being. Loneliness is a state of mind."

    There are some things that I prefer to do alone, and others I hate doing without company. I think the nature vs nurture debate comes in here as well.

    I guess I'm the opposite...
    While I can happily sit at a bar sipping away, I need to talk to people & generally do
    The fact that I'm at the pub is cause I hate being alone at home...

    I don't know why there is the expectation that people should/need to be social all the time. There are plenty of people (including myself) who not only enjoy spending alone but need it. I know I need to be able to spend time alone otherwise I will get very irritable.

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