Australian iPad Plans Are Good Value Compared To Overseas

Australian iPad Plans Are Good Value Compared To Overseas

The pricing for the iPad in Australia was lower than many people expected. While we don’t yet have all the data, it looks like the pricing for 3G plans for Apple’s device might be pretty competitive too.

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So far, we’ve only got concrete pricing for Telstra’s iPad data plans; Optus has announced that it will offer a month-to-month plan with 2GB a month for $20, but we haven’t graced that option with a full post yet as many of the details (such as contract length and prepaid options) remain undisclosed. But what we do know looks fairly impressive by global standards.

At MacTheBlog, Alex Kidman compares the already-announced basic Telstra plans with the options offered in the US and the UK. In both cases, there are similarly priced deals available, but the price difference is fairly minimal, and in the US, the network is demonstrably poorer. Many of the casual options available in the UK are also noticeably dearer.

Hit the post for the full analysis, and tell us what kind of iPad plan pricing you’d like in the comments.

Shock and awe [MacTheBlog]

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