Ask Lifehacker: How Do I Get Australia-Only Results On Google?

Dear Lifehacker, Not sure if you have done a story on this, but with Google's site redesign they have removed the "pages from Australia" button. How do you only search Aussie sites now? Thanks, Peter

Dear Peter, The absence of the 'pages from Australia' option is annoying, but there is an easy solution. After you've done a search, the option 'Pages from Australia' appears in the left-hand column. It adds one extra stage to the process, but it's still possible. If you'd rather get one-click access again, check our guide to customising Firefox for Australian search results. Cheers Lifehacker


    You can also put site:au in your search string - that will bring up any sites that have .au at the end :-)

    Adding to the end of your search will search only websites with .au domains. Often gives a different (sometimes better, sometimes not) search result.

    Or add '' to the end of your search. This can be refined in many ways- '' , '' etc.

    I used this functionality all the time, hopefully it will make a return so we don't have to do a wasted search first, or append to our searches all the time.

    This is another hack that is going round the internet (but still missing the old pages in Australia)..

      The commenter who mentions adding site:au isn't a great thing to do is correct. You'll end up missing any sites that are targeted to Australia that aren't served off a .au cctld.

      Google Australia is heavily customized to balance local and global relevance for Australian users, and the goal here is to *reduce* the number of searches rather than increase them (although I've no doubt we occasionally could do better). Do you have insights into queries for which you've had to restrict searches to AU to get good local results?


    Geez guys - just search

    I really hate google. Lots of rubbish results and they removed the results from Australia button. i now know how to get Australia results but is not as convenient. Interesting how google hides from user feedback. google is a real time waster, really hate it!

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